Bennett Marine Video 16630 Bennett Training DVD f/Garmin Rino® 110/120/130 (N1294DVD)

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DVD Garmin Rino GPS 110/120/130

"Getting started with your Garmin unit has never been easier!"

This is the most comprehensive, instructional, training DVD to teach you all the features and functions & HOW TO USE your Garmin unit.

DVD training makes it easy! Interactive menus allow quick and easy chapter review and allow you to go to a specific location time and time again.

This step-by-step, instructional training DVD walks you through the key features and functions of the Garmin units from the basics to advanced operation. Learn everything you need to know to begin using your new satellite navigator.

Step-by-step lessons include:
  • Initializing the receiver & acquiring your position
  • Position & datums
  • Storing your position & saving it as a waypoint
  • Navigation principles & terms
  • Using the navigation display & features
  • Forming & navigating to waypoints
  • Forming & following routes
  • Editing waypoints & routes
  • Following previous tracks
  • Using the Electronic Compass
  • Elevation Profiles

40 mins

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