Iris Innovations Ltd 48426 Iris 131 Fully Controllable Day/Night Camera with PTZ & NTSC - 36x (IRIS131-36)

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131 Fully Controllable Day/Night Camera

The powerful IRIS131 represents a breakthrough in marine, low light PTZ cameras.

Iris have integrated the same top end, feature rich, camera module from their best selling IRIS116 range of low light cameras, into a revolutionary housing, that combines not one, but two separate, individually operational banks of LED illuminators.

The two rows of high bright white LED illuminators can be activated individually, or both together to provide a powerful spotlight with a range of up to 130 meters for visibility at night or in low light conditions.

On top of the benchmark continuous panning and auto-flip tilt operation, the basic model boasts a 12x Digital zoom ratio. A high zoom option goes even further, with a vast 36x Optical zoom. Build in Digital Image Stabilization, Wide Dynamic Range and Dynamic Noise Reduction features ensure razor sharp pictures, even in high-reflective situations, such as marinas, where sunlight is reflected not only from the sea, but also off of white GRP, and polished chrome fixtures.

Image freeze, user presets, scans and tour features are all also included, along with a host of additional benefits such as built in heater, internal fan and hidden lens window wiper. The IRIS131 sits perfectly on larger pleasure craft, commercial vessels, work-boats, emergency service and military craft.

  • High Bright White LED Illumination Range of 130 meters
  • 360x Continuous Rotation Pan/215x Tilt with Auto-Flip Function
  • Hidden Lens Wiper and Built-in Heater/Defroster
  • High Resolution Sony Camera Module - 550TVL
  • Impressive 36x Optical and 12x Digital Zoom Range
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Wide Dynamic Range to counter glare in bright sunshine
  • Extremely Rugged, IP67 Housing

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