RAVE Sports 47361 RAVE Activity Island with Boarding Platform (2412)

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Activity Island with Boarding Platform

The Activity Island is your adventure island!

Whether you want to accessorize with fun, one of kind attachments, or use as a swim dock and ski platform, the fun will last all summer long!

  • 16' x 1' (488cm x 30cm) inflated
  • 12 users (2,000lbs max)
  • Commercial grade, reinforced construction
  • 2 Halkey Roberts valves for rapid inflation
  • Connects up to four attachments
  • 2 heavy duty anchor points
  • Includes boarding platform
  • Connect multiple islands using the Aqua Beam
  • Expandable for future water recreation activities
  • Product weight of 142lbs
  • 30-45 minute set-up (not including attachments)
  • 5-10' water depth required depending on activities attached
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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