Raymarine 51724 Raymarine CP450C w/B75 LH Bronze Thru Hull Transducer - 12° - Tilted Pair (T70222)

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CP450C with B75 LH Bronze Thru Hull Tranducer - 12° - Tilted Pair

The CP450C with ClearPulse CHIRP technology goes beyond high definition and offers increased resolution and deeper depths.

  • TruZoom™ mode for a precise magnified view of fish targets, bottom structure and baitfish without any loss of resolution seen with traditional sonar
  • High-speed scrolling (Fast Ping Rate) with 60 pulses a second and enhanced shallow water and high-speed operation
  • Power supply monitoring - useful when drifting and you have no battery charge
  • SeaTalkhs Ethernet network port - waterproof Raynet connector
  • Network compatible with e7 and future Raymarine network multifunction displays
  • 2 independently adjustable channels (two sonars in one). Each channel can be customized to specific frequency bands along with independent manual and auto adjustment settings
  • Low, medium and high frequencies for excellent performance
    at all depths
  • Supports CHIRP transmissions from 25 to 250kHz with exclusive mid-band frequency support in the 75 to 130 kHz range as well

B75 LH Thru Hull Transducers

  • Depth/Temp
  • Thru Hull
  • Beam Angle: 12°
  • Bronze
  • CP450C Plug on Cable - Requires Y-Splitter Cable (Included)
  • Power: 600W
  • Frequency: L=40-75 kHz, H=130-210 kHz
  • Low: 32° to 21° beamwidth
  • High: 15° to 9° beamwidth
  • Hull type: Fiberglass or wood

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